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Voltorometer Recharged Voltorometer Recharged

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great presentation!

The graphics are cute, charming, and nicely animated. The music is delightfully retro and catchy. This is a game I knew I would like as soon as I saw the little character. It looks and sounds great.

However... I did feel there was one significant problem with the gameplay. As one of the previous reviewers mentioned, the character is rather large on the screen and the jumping happens way too fast. I wouldn't expect gravity to be so strong in your typical platformer game. It really reduces one's ability to dodge vertical obstacles and pits, and therefore the enjoyability of the game. Being a Flash programmer myself, I know it probably wasn't up to you to make these design choices in this port, but I'd just like to point out these issues anyway.

Still, great job to everyone who worked on this game. I'm a big fan of the graphical style and I really hope to see more stuff like this!

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